Who we are

Solidarity travels and Eco-Tourism in Ghana

Volunteer services and solidarity travels for eco-tourism in Ghana

Warinestghana is a  social platform for international volunteers services center, learning of divers Traditional Culture among the different ethnic groups with the ideas to preserve the traditional culture for future generations. And using these cultural diversity to build unity among the ethnic groups for social inclusion , sharing diverse cultural experience and learning about ways of life. Also we use the advantage of the cultural divers to promote eco-tourism In the northern part of Ghana, especially within the Sawla, Tuna and Kalba District (STK).

Our main objective is to develop the socio-cultural nature and improve the economic situation of deprived communities.

At Wari Nest it was detected that poverty in the deprived communities of Ghana have been seriously undermined, there is high rate of iliteracy in the rural communities of Ghana, especially at the northern part of Ghana in which Wari Nest Ghana is seriously working on providing literacy and putting the necessary measures to sustain.


Solidarity travels and Eco-Tourism in GhanaOur initiatives provide opportunity and equality for socio-economic growth in deprived communities. We believed that people can only develop self-sustain if they have idees.

Our methodology is to empower children’s in education, community about environmetal care, providing the natives with ideas, knowledge as well as a practical work to in which they make use of their own available natural resources as a source of income which enables economic growth.


Solidarity travels and volunteer trips in GhanaWe believe as a volunteer service group, there is sharing of rich knwolegdge and experience from volunteers to natives of these deprived communities through a voluntary collaboration.

Wari Nest Ghana gives a global opportunity to all to transfer their experiences, knowledge and skills with the youth or the natives as a whole,through voluntary services.


Our objectives

  • Connect people globally: To interchange expirience, knowledge for social inclusion and to support the needs of the rural communities through voluntary work.
  • To exchange ideas in deprived communities to enable natives use their  natural resources to generate income and to empower children in education.