What we do

Solidarity travels and Eco-Tourism in Ghana

Volunteer services and solidarity travels for eco-tourism in Ghana

Our strategies include advocacy, capacity building, cultural education and human resource mobilization in the communities of the District.

We coordinate volunteers to support other collaborating NGO’s and community own projects in the community such as CEHDA Ghana.

CEHDA Ghana is non governmetal organisation with the objectives to support needy children in education empowerment and education on ecological farming process in the community.

  • We collaborate volunteers teaching and children activitives with the following children schools; Deeper, Eggels, Sako, Asian and Penticost internater school, supporting the children education empowerment.
  • We organise Divers Cultural activities among the ethnic groups like dàncing together to keep the tradition.
Solidarity travels and volunteer trips in Ghana
Solidarity travels and volunteer trips in Ghana
Solidarity travels and volunteer trips in Ghana

How do we work

Our volunteers collaborate in different sectors within the community according to their experience, profession and the field of desire activities such as:

  • Cultural activities project
  • Children’s activities
  • Youth activities projects
  • Health centre collaboration
  • Education project
  • Ecological farming project
  • Community farming and developmental project
  • Environmental activities projects
  • Women empowerment activities

Travel preparation

Wari Nest Ghana will organise training/orientation sessions for the volunteers before their trip, and facilitate all the necessary information they need to integrate in the society they are going to collaborate with, as well as help them meet their objectives.



Wari Nest Ghana is based in Sawla but coordinate it’s volunteers services across the nation.

Sawla is the capital of the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District, a new district created in 2006. Geographically Sawla is located at the north western part of the Northern Region of Ghana.