Things to do - general

A traditional historical center for the Nyi Bia people (Gonja people); formerly the city was built with red stone. Although it has few inhabitants today, but it is still recognized as the traditional centre for the people Gonjas.

Nyaηε and its surrounding villages are very amazing, it’s vegetational landscape are so attractive and it is one of the communities where you can still find the ancient old houses built with mud and cow shits. The houses were without main door entrance and the people enter their houses from the roof.

Places to visit: Visiting what is known as Nyaηε, the ancient traditional things; like houses without door entrance, excursion between the rural communities around. The landscape and it vegetation around it is wonderful, especially the trees will give you an inspiration and connect your spirit to the nature.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.

Solidarity Travel to Ghana 01

Solidarity Travel to Ghana 01

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